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Budget – FY16
·         Many providers of mandated state-financed services report they are not being paid despite court orders.  In one case, the operation of networks of residential care services for persons with developmental disabilities, a federal judge has ordered that the state pay the networks and the Comptroller has reported that Illinois does not have the money to immediately carry out this order.  Approximately 10,000 persons with developmental disabilities are affected. 

Based on policies supported by the majority party in the General Assembly, the State is spending general funds – money raised by income taxes, sales taxes, and other non-dedicated sources of revenue – at a rate of between $37.4 billion and $38.2 billion per year.  Many policymakers, headed by Governor Bruce Rauner, are asking the General Assembly to look at the underlying policies that generate this level of spending.
·         Illinois House meets, again fails to take budget action.  The summer session day of the Illinois General Assembly was held on Tuesday, August 25.  Although this was the 14th such House summer session day called by the House Speaker since the “adjournment” of the state legislature on May 31st, no workable State budget has been produced and the Speaker’s leadership team did no work this week to generate one. 

In its session on the 25th, the House heard from witnesses who described growing challenges to them based on the failure of the State to set aside funds for roads and street repair, child care services and other essential public infrastructure and programs.  
NEWARK – Kendall County residents are invited to attend a complimentary coffee and discussion with State Rep. John Anthony (R-Plainfield) to be held at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, September 4 at Newark’s Country Kitchen, located at 307 Illinois Route 71, or at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, September 18 at Silver Dollars Restaurant in Yorkville, located at 102 Stagecoach Trail (corner of IL Route 47 and IL Route 71).

Constituents are encouraged to bring their questions and concerns. Rep. Anthony will provide an update on the current status of state budget negotiations and legislation he is working on.

“It is important for me to hear directly from the men, women and families I represent,” Rep. Anthony said. “These coffees are an opportunity for local residents to share their questions and concerns with me one-on-one.  I am looking forward to answering their questions and sharing my solutions to help move Illinois forward.”

No RSVP is necessary. Please call Rep. Anthony’s office with any questions at (815) 416-1475.

MORRIS – Jase Jones weighed only 1 pound when he was transported in a Lifestar helicopter immediately after his birth.

Now 8 years old, Jase stared Saturday morning into the same helicopter as it rested on the lawn of Saratoga Elementary School.

“I rode in this before,” he told the Lifestar crew.

They told Jast they’re glad he’s feeling better, not knowing just how young he was when he flew in the helicopter. Adults have a difficult time recovering from something severe enough to require helicopter transportation, let alone a 1-pound child.

“We call him ‘the miracle baby,’ ” said Jeff Middleton, Jase’s stepfather.

Now old enough to understand the role first responders and other entities play in the safety of communities, Jase joined other children and their parents in attending Saturday morning’s Children’s Health and Safety Fair. The fair was sponsored by state Sen. Sue Rezin, R-Morris, and state Rep. John Anthony, R-Plainfield...
SPRINGFIELD — State Senator Kwame Raoul (D-Chicago 13th), State Representative Elgie Sims (D-Chicago 34th) and Rep. John Anthony (R-Morris) were pleased to announce today that a landmark law enforcement reform package they negotiated has become law. The groundbreaking, bipartisan measure includes standards for the use of officer-worn body cameras and makes Illinois one of the first states to codify recommendations issued this year by President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing. 
Rep. John Anthony joins House and Senate sponsors at the signing of SB 1304.
General Assembly Pay Freeze
·         House Republicans unanimously co-sponsor bill to block pay increase for FY16; General Assembly approves measure. The automatic 2% “cost of living” pay increase was scheduled to automatically go into effect for the State fiscal year starting July 1, 2015. Many House Republican members do not think the General Assembly deserves to enjoy a pay hike at a time when many Illinois workers have their pay and benefits frozen or cannot find work at all. HB 576 freezes cost-of-living adjustments and other benefit compensations for General Assembly members and other high-ranking elected and appointed State officials in FY16. The bill received final General Assembly approval on Wednesday, August 5, and was sent to the Governor.
House Republicans unanimously supported and helped pass HB 576, and all 47 Republican members were co-sponsors of the measure in the House. The Governor has expressed support for the concept of freezing the pay of Illinois’ top elected officials, and is expected to sign the bill.  

MORRIS – Local families are invited to attend a free Children’s Health and Safety Fair on Saturday, August 15 with State Sen. Sue Rezin (R-Morris) and State Rep. John Anthony (R-Morris). The Children’s Health and Safety Fair is scheduled from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., August 15, at Saratoga Elementary School, located at 4040 N. Division Street in Morris. 

The event features over 40 state and local agencies, non-profit organizations and businesses covering a wide range of educational, health and child care, recreational and community services for families and children. Special attractions include the popular Touch-A-Truck exhibit featuring over 20 trucks and medical helicopter located in the parking lot.

Admission to the event is FREE with complimentary refreshments and a drawing for giveaways. Information will be available on topics such as cyber bullying, fire safety, bicycle safety, after-school programs, daycare, nutrition, internet safety and volunteering opportunities; to name just a few.
General Assembly Pay
·         House Republicans vote for bill to deny pay increase for selves in FY16. The measure, HB 576, amends State law to block implementation of the automatic pay increases slated to be paid in FY16 to Illinois elected officials. This action is necessary to prevent an annual automatic pay increase from being paid to members of the General Assembly, statewide elected officials, certain Cabinet-level executive branch agency directors and appointees, and county state’s attorneys. Automatic pay increases of this type have been mandated by the Compensation Review Act since 1984.

The increase for FY16, which is designed to help beneficiaries keep up with the level of inflation, is 2.0%. If HB 576 passes through the Senate and is signed by the Governor, this 2.0% pay hike will be blocked for the year. HB 576 also blocks scheduled increases in the legislator per diem and legislative mileage reimbursements that are meant to compensate legislators for their living expenses when living in, or traveling to and from, Springfield and other places of legislative duty.